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How long does it take for my carpets to dry?

Typically, we shoot to have your carpet dry within three hours. Dry times are impacted by a number of things, such as outside temperatures and humidity as well as airflow in the house. Rest assured, we’ll have your carpets clean and dried in the shortest amount of time possible.

Does cleaning my carpet soil it faster?

Definitely not! When your carpets re-soil rapidly, it is a sign that they were not rinsed out properly. The cleaning detergents that we use are designed to attract soil, that’s why they’re so good at cleaning your carpet. But if they’re not neutralized or fully rinsed from your carpet during cleaning, they’ll do a really good job attracting new soil into your floors. With Mint, you are guaranteed to have a technician that will take the time and care to make sure that your carpets will stay clean as long as possible.

How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

Cleaning frequency depends on personal preference and need. To maintain a carpet manufacturer warranty, you will want to clean every 12-18 months, generally. Remember, regular cleaning greatly extends the life of your carpets, one of the largest investments in your home. Removing harmful and abrasive debris and oils from your floors helps to keep them looking fresh and clean for you and your family to enjoy.

How do you charge for carpet cleaning?

We charge by the square foot. Some companies choose to charge “per room” instead. Since not all rooms are the same size, this didn’t make much sense to us. Instead, we use a laser measure for your specific areas and base our price on the square footage to be cleaned.

What method’s do you use to clean carpet?

Primarily, we use a process called hot water extraction. This method is what most people know as “steam cleaning”. This method provides the deepest clean and allows us to rinse out your carpets the best that they can be. We also do a lot of very low moisture carpet cleaning. This method is also incredibly effective at removing soils and oily residues from your carpets and comes in very handy where either hose access problems or slip hazards are present.

How do you guarantee customer satisfaction?

We make it our goal to ensure that clients are as excited about their Mint experience as we are. Each job that we encounter is unique, the same way that each client is unique, and we strive to not only meet but also exceed the needs of our clientele.

Why do you want to apply protector to carpet?

Specially formulated carpet protector helps your carpets and upholstery resist dry soils, water and oily soils. The protector does this by coating the freshly cleaned carpet fibers in a protective layer that keeps these soils and spills from soaking into the fibers as quickly, giving you time to soak them up. It also makes spot cleaning and vacuuming a little easier.

How do you clean tile and grout?

We use a process very similar to our hot water extraction method for carpet cleaning but with just a bit more water pressure. The tile and grout is pre treated with a specially formulated cleaning detergent. Then is thoroughly scrubbed to ensure the loosening of any dirt or grime. Finally, it is rinsed with high-pressure hot-water that is extracted to our van outside, leaving your tile floor spotless and clean.

Should I have my tile and grout sealed?

Absolutely! Tile and grout sealer works in a similar way to carpet protector. Having it professionally applied after your cleaning will create a protective coating on your floor that will help it resist those soils that would otherwise soak in immediately.

How often should I have my tile and grout cleaned?

The answer to this is very much the same as with carpet cleaning frequency. It is largely dependent on how much and what type of foot traffic you have coming through your home.

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