Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaning is one of the longest offered services here at Mint. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and high level of care when cleaning windows in your commercial space. When considering commercial window cleaning, we generally break things up into two groups – store-front maintenance and large-scale commercial.

We like to approach our store-front accounts in a set it and forget it approach. This allows you to be built into our scheduling so that your windows are maintained consistently and with very little effort on your end. With very economical pricing options for regular window maintenance accounts, you can enjoy consistently clean windows on your commercial space, and you can trust us to ensure that everything is being tended to on a regular basis.

Mint Window Cleaning Plans

When it comes to large scale commercial window cleaning, we have maintained everything from multi-story class A buildings to mixed living retirement communities. We understand that no space is exactly the same and there are small ways to make projects operate more smoothly, be more convenient for you as the client and to also work within a reasonable price point.

Let us know if you have a commercial space, large or small that could use a little bit of the Mint touch!