Maintenance Plans

At Mint, we believe in building lasting partnerships with our clients. We know that not every facility needs everything that we have to offer, and so we believe in being there to supplement your staff in any way that we can. Pick and choose whatever services will help your existing staff succeed. We also offer consulting services if you simply need some outside expertise to get things back on track. Whatever your need as a facilities leader is, Mint is here to assist.

We build, schedule and execute all services within our wheelhouse based on our pre-determined budget. This not only frees up the time you would normally spend scheduling and over-seeing these projects but also allows you to put your focus elsewhere in your facility. We pride ourselves on making your job easier and doing it in a cost effective manor.

We have and continue to service maintenance programs that include:

  • Monthly common area carpet cleaning maintenance
  • Full facility upholstery cleaning and protecting
  • Large scale window cleaning projects ranging from sprawling tenant spaces to multi-story commercial buildings

We are always growing our knowledge and experience base and would love to work with you on your facility or campus in any way that we can be helpful.

Mint works with our Maintenance and our Management to make sure that every job is professional and efficient; providing transparency and accountability. Most importantly, our tenants are always satisfied. The relationship between Mint and Bennett Industries is invaluable when relationships and value cannot be overstated.

-Daniel Ronfeld/Bennet Industries

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